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Gleaming Olympic Pools

Give your athletes the competitive edge with Advanced Pool Services, Inc. of Highland, Michigan. Our professionals offer detailed repairs and renovations for recreational and Olympic-sized pools at institutions throughout the area.

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Institutional Pools

Our crew knows exactly what you need to keep your swimming champions in shape. Whether your pool needs to be updated, restored, or repaired, you can count on us to do the job right the first time. We are dedicated to providing top-notch service and quality. Our team repairs all institutional pools, including:

• University Pools
• High School Pools
• Country Clubs
• Competitive Pools

• Olympic-Sized Pools
• Recreation Department Pools
• Municipalities

Comprehensive Service

Our expert contractors assist with every facet of your renovation, including:

• Pool Refinishing & Remodeling
• Tiling
• Pool Closing
• Filters
• Pumps
• Auto Cleaners
• Pool Covers

High-Quality Brands

At Advanced Pool Services, Inc., we pride ourselves in using the most trusted brands in the industry for our service, including:

• Chemtrol®
• Pentair®
• Neptune-Benson™
• Pyramid Cement™
• Diamond Brite™ Pool Finishes

Contact us to enhance your recreational facility with new, streamlined Olympic pools.